Target is a company that gives back to their community according to their site and located at 1440 Central Avenue Albany NY. They “also believe that donating our time, talent and resources is equally important as the income we give.” This a place where you can go to get food, clothing, household items amongst many other products. One of their goals would be to “sponsor educational programs, support families from disaster and practice sustainability throughout our business” to reach a child’s full potential. The content supports the goal.

  1. Education is Targets top social concern.
  2. They also support their members through resources, services and benefits programs.
  3. Thus according to the site they “strive to help kids do well in school.

Another goal would be sustainable living, they empower members and customers to lead a more sustainable lifestyle. They provide information and instructions on recycling. Target show concerns for emergencies. Online access to many things.

  1. There are quick and easy places to recycle material.
  2. Target gives 5 cents discount for reusable bags.
  3. This company provides access on-line for recycling companies near you at

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