CSEA (Civil Service Employees Association)

CSEA is located in Albany NY at 143 Washington Avenue. This is called the Metro Region. According to CSEA’S site they “organize and represent workers to ensure our voice is heard, our place at the table is kept and the American dream is ours in the 21st century.” One goal would be nogotiating contracts is their number 1 priority mentioned on the website. Thus the content help achieve the goals set for workers. Reasoning for nogotiating contracts are:

  1. Members will have fair wages plus benefits.
  2. Contracts are good for workplace rules.
  3. Members will have leave time off as well.

Stated on the site “to ensure our contracts are enforced, CSEA provides members with numerous resources including labor relations, legal, communications and field services. ” The site supports the goals of the organization and the content explains the resources to what the employee needs. Here are a few different resources that are available.

  1. Work Zone Safety Resources makes it easy for access of information. “Participates will be exposed to information and knowledge about all the others related hazards to road work such as heavy equipment, ergonomics, hazardous materials, lead, asbestos, insects,  poisonous plants, welding and more!”
  2. OSH Training Resources would be to train and educate the members a vital piece to any union oriented strategy in combating workplace hazards and forcing improvements to the workplace.
  3. ADM Workshop Resources are:
  • Civil Service Primer
  • Labor Directory
  • Local and state Layoff Information
  • Important Civil Servic website



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