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Anytime Home Care “helps clients realize their strengths and provide the most meaningful treatment possible “according to the site. At this company there is great performance that will “help grow personal and healthy independent lifestyles for their clients “. This company also focuses on Infusion Therapy being provided in the homes of the clients so they no longer have to rely on health care facilities. Stated on the site, “we have the talent and ability to provide skilled and high tech nursing, therapy services, and aid assurance in the comfort of your home.”

The target audience would be the clients (elder, disabled person) & their families.  Focusing on these two audiences are important because they are the ones that will determine if the company gets hired or not. The clients and family members must feel safe and secure in order to make the right decision. Clients of Anytime want to know their workers are trained, certified, and licensed in the field they are working in to maintain satisfaction. Anytime Home Care wants their families to know they are ready for today’s challenges.

Information that is provided on the site is to inform everyone and anyone that they are a company that  strives to satisfy their clients needs. One thing the company wants to say to the client is: to trust that Anytime Home Care Inc. can provide you with excellent services. Also match you up with the right caretaker thats best for you. Another thing this company wants to say to the families is: that you have made the right decision for your loved one by choosing Anytime Home Care to provide services.  Here at this organization we are Certified and Licensed in all services provided to clients.  Our workers go through a “thorough screening, testing and reference checking ” upon entering the company.

Channels for the content would be to use more pictures/images on the site. Videos would be helpful for the audience to view as well to make some kind of connection.  It would be great if they can use social media to communicate with the audience. An email account is good for questions and answers thus any feedback that the company or the audience may have to say. Being able to ask questions or see situations before going to the company makes it all better because the people have a better view and understanding of how the company works.



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