Dear: Upper Management


Greetings! My name is Mary Ellen Ellis  and I have been working for the company for 7 years as your content strategist  . On February 29th I did a audit on the company’s website and I found that the site lacks social media and access to communicate with representatives. Providing good accurate content is very useful and important for a website but, being able to get a better understanding of the company before visiting the establishment is beneficial. I would like to add social media to the site so we can communicate and have access to more people.  Having a section to ask and answer questions will be catching. It is stated on the site that “Anytime Home Care Inc. is ready for today’s challenges ” also it mentions about how their still growing to satisfy the demand. With this being said I have put together some extra features for the site to attract more people and also to satisfy any of their concerns. With society changing it may be damaging to the company not to make updates/changes to the website.  People are looking for ways to save time.  Without these options on the site you run the risk of losing some audience. Because the audience would not be able to communicate online through the site.  Thus the site hasn’t been updated since 2004 although the company provides good service. The site lacks from being updated as well. Their have been reviews done on the company and they can be found on: .

I would like your help on an approval for the plan to go in effect. I need fifty votes for this plan to be approved by the President of the company and I would appreciate your vote.


Rose Mary Ellis, Content Strategist



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