Health Care Abuse

Health Care Abuse is happening all over and some people  are  just ignoring the fact that this issue needs to be addressed and handled Now.

For one thing people think when they put their loved ones in a nursing home they are safe. Well sadly to say some residents are not safe things happen in the facilities and in the homes. These clients are being abused treated unfair left alone, robbed, and neglected. There are people that are in the homes that live in disaster situations these agencies are not doing their jobs properly. All people care about is the money these days. People need to come together and help one another. People are dying!


Their are agencies that need certified nursing assistants and instead to save money they put pca’s and chha in the homes and have them do cna work and sometimes nurse work because you can not administer medication if your not a nurse. If a person  is blind and cant see cant grab the pills then the agencies will tell you to  guide in the hand. This is a joke. They fix the paper work to look safe but it is not. Facilities know when the state is coming in the building so they try to fix the problems right no one will see. Having friends in the business is beneficial because they keep pushing things under the rug. When people enter the field that care and speak up for the clients and residents the people get fired or even lied on so they will get in trouble because they will not turn their heads.



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