Albany Public Library

The Public Library is located in the city of Albany NY. This is a place of piece and quietness. A place for people to find books, rent movies, and do their homework.

The main focus is the community and some of the goals in which the Albany Public Library  maitains to keep is:”The Library Empowers Community Members To Participate In The Local And Global Economy.” Tax services are also provided by well trained employees. These content helps achieve these goals by providing services to the community. According to the site these are a few services that are available.

  1. Educating the members with tutorial services.
  2. Entertaining the community with showings & Musical Performances.
  3. The library provides art activities, technology services, and the book club.

Another goal is “comfortable and efficient; it provides communal space, technology and special collections. The clusters according to the site are “staying connected, Inquisitive minds, Brainy Bunch, Rising Stars,  and Bright Future. Stated on the site,  “the Albany Public Library led by a team devoted to connecting you with the information you need to improve and enrich your life. ” The content proves the library’s promise.

  1. The library creates a new brand position and strategy.
  2. The library deploys board and management resources to leverage brand in the community and region.
  3. Thus the library utilizes “digital ” channels  (facebook, Twitter,  etc.) To manage critical clusters.

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