Creating Websites is the beginning for a Web Designer. For people to want to view your site there should be some kind of attraction. Thus informative information there should be a great blog created. You can introduce content from guest bloggers and make it easier for viewers to view and access. I have done some research and found a site that informs you of there eight-step action plan that will show you: “the Secret to putting your entire traffic campaign on autopilot”. Thus “how to ensure that every element of your sales process is optimized to convert maximum traffic into maximum sales”.

The Eight-Step Action Plan

  1. Get the traffic you need to test your website fast. 
  2. “Get cheap traffic quickly with PPC advertising.
  3. “Get free traffic from search engines like Google.
  4. “Give away irresistible free content for priceless publicity.
  5. “Get free word of mouth publicity using viral marketing.
  6. “Get free links on other high-traffic Websites.
  7. “Get thousands of websites to promote your business for free.
  8. “Use e-mail marketing to attract repeat visitors”.

You can get more information about this Eight-Step Action Plan by going to the site The attraction is what draws people to your site so be very creative and explore your mind.